Another Place to Bloom


Another book is being written, and I can guarantee a good read. It includes the Rob and Rebecca Wendland family, and so many more.

Maybe you already read the first book that Rebecca authored.  She compiled a selection of emails that she and Rob had written to their family and friends over the years while in Malawi, Africa; it was those very writings that became the basis for her book, “Bloom Where God Plants You.” Continue reading “Another Place to Bloom”

Rivers of Grace in Nigeria


Lutheran Headwaters

As many streams flow together to drain West Africa into the Bight of Bonny, so also many fervent desires and events flowed together as the headwaters for the “Lutheran Mission in Nigeria.” Stream One: members of Lutheran “Negro Missions” in America’s South lobbied for a Lutheran mission to Africa. They raised $6,000 for this work by 1930 ($83,000 today). Stream Two: the Synodical Conference of North America wanted to open a new world mission for its 50th anniversary. Stream Three: the congregations of the Ibesikpo in southeast Nigeria wanted a new mission sponsor. Continue reading “Rivers of Grace in Nigeria”