Pastor Gilbert Mwangomba


I know, I know, it’s a mouthful. But even more-so, it’s meaningful. This one 14 letter ChiChewa word translates into one, four-word English sentence: “We have been saved!” It’s actually the name of a congregation in the southern region of Malawi.  Great name for a church, don’t you think? Continue reading “Tapulumutsidwa!”

Three Proverbs

Even as God once used Aaron to assist Moses, so he moved Benford Kawiliza, a native-born pastor of considerable experience, to mentor Missionary Dan Sargent 28 years ago.  That’s how he eventually learned to speak the Chichewa language, and to understand the African culture. He has let his ministry be guided by three meaningful African proverbs.   Continue reading “Three Proverbs”

In Youth we Learn, in Age We Understand

Nigerian youth group witnessing Christ in their village

The young people of our two sister synods in Nigeria are key components of the lifeblood of the Church. They put their energy, fervent faith, and idealism to work for their faith. As everywhere, young people of our Lutheran synods are the future of their churches. But in Nigeria, the youth play critical roles right now. Continue reading “In Youth we Learn, in Age We Understand”