Warning Triangles

Life doesn’t always go smoothly on the mission field. On the way to pick up missionary Paul Nitz and his family from the airport today our Toyota’s clutch gave up the ghost, leaving us stuck on the side of the road and the Nitz family stuck at the airport. No AAA emergency towing in Malawi, we wait for another missionary to come to the rescue. Continue reading “Warning Triangles”

Moving Day

L-R: Chisomo, Madalitso and Ruth Mandevu

Her face shows both excitement and worry as she contemplates the future. Her husband is beginning ministry in a place she’s never seen, among people she’s never met. It’s a culture very different from the one she comes from, in a remote location with limited amenities for daily living, and limited access to her family back home. Her husband will slip into his routine of making sermons and visits and her children will make new friends quickly, but it will take a little more time for her to find her place in this community. Will she bear the burden of meeting other people’s expectations with grace? Will she and her husband bridge the cultural gap between themselves and their members? Continue reading “Moving Day”